Meet the Doctors

Meet our Doctors

Friendly, compassionate, knowledgeable have been words used to describe our doctors.

Gregory Moyer
Gregory Moyer >
Justin Schilz
Justin Schilz >
Barbara Kolp-Jurss
Barbara Kolp-Jurss >
Meet Our Staff
Jennifer Glamann
Jennifer Glamann >
Nathan Fleming
Nathan Fleming >
Nanette (Nettie) Palay, MSN, PNP
Nanette (Nettie) Palay, MSN, PNP >
Jamie Harder, MSN, PNP
Jamie Harder, MSN, PNP >
Dr. Patric Mattek
Dr. Patric Mattek >
Nicole Blohowiak, RN, IBCLC
Nicole Blohowiak, RN, IBCLC >
Most Loved Pediatrician 2020
Most Loved Pediatrician 2020 >



Our core values include the following:
Integrity  •  Compassionate Care  •  Communication  •  Commitment  •  Teamwork  •  Respect

These values are held by every member of our staff. Lake Country is our home, and deserves nothing less than the best medical care available. We will do everything in our power to deliver pediatric care in a professional, compassionate manner as your child's primary care doctor.